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Testimonials from Students  

“I started pole with Pole Essence nearly a year ago now after seeing a poster for a taster. When I started I never imagined it would be something I would be confident enough to perform a solo at the annual charity showcase and be good at and most of all really enjoy. Since then I’ve improved loads, the small classes and enthusiastic instructors mean I look forward to every single lesson. I LOVE pole and am so glad I went to the taster and began lessons. I loved performing at the last charity showcase and would 100% recommend Pole Essence” 

Student: Bea Fones
Instructor: Charlie 

“I have been having pole lessons for 18 months or so now and absolutely love going, it’s the highlight of my week! It’s fantastic fun and different way to keep fit. The instructors are lovely, yet they know when to push you to achieve your full potential. Pole Essence do so many extra activities, it’s a social club too if you wish! They have events for you to work towards such as  optional pole exams/gradings, annual charity showcase, pole routines, trip to UKPPC (UK Professional Pole Championships) plus the new onesies that are now available are amazing!!!” 

Student: Charmaine Wintle
Instructor: Sam 

“Pole classes are great fun way to get fit and toned. It also builds your confidence in yourself and your body totally changes shape. I have lost a lot of weight with the help of pole. Love it!” 

Student: Tamsin Pracownik
Instructor: Zoe  

“I really enjoy pole because I am always learning lots of new stuff. If we ever get stuck on a new move Charlotte always stops and breaks it down in more detail so we understand it. Pole with Pole Essence is so much fun, we all have a laugh in class while pushing ourselves” 

Student: Leah Beechey
Instructor: Charlotte 

“I joined Pole Essence a few years ago, I wanted to build on my confidence as I was going through a bad time in my life. Two years on and I still love it! Zoe really works you hard! It’s a great laugh and I have made some great friends” 

Student: Sarah Cruwys
Instructor: Zoe 

“Pole Essence is the highlight of my week! It’s a great work out and having the chance to learn new moves every week gives you a real sense of improvement” 

Student: Lauren Saunders
Instructor: Charlie

“I first came to Pole Essence for a taster session about 3 years ago to see what it was all about. I loved it and have been poling ever since! 18 months ago I started private one-to-one lessons with Sam, I have lost so much weight and feel much fitter and toned. Sam’s drive and enthusiasm is amazing, she manages to get me doing moves I never imagined I’d be able to do! I would 110% recommend Pole Essence” 

Student: Vicky Clapp
Instructor: Sam

“I came along to a taster with some friends to see what pole was all about. I couldn’t believe the grace and strength the instructors had. I was totally amazed and wanted to be able to do what they could! That was 6 months ago, and I totally love pole, I’m addicted! I took part in the charity showcase in November which was amazing; I can’t wait for this years showcase! Every lesson I feel I improve. I have gained alot of confidence since starting pole and I now have muscles in places I didn’t know muscles existed! I love my pole lessons” 

Student: Grace Adams
Instructor: Charlotte
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