Pole Essence - Fitness & Fun

We teach all our lessons from our new purpose built studio in Highbridge. Please contact us for further info.

A bit about pole! 

Always fancied learning pole fitness?
Couldn't find anyone in you area?
No confidence to learn in a group?
Hard to find lessons to fit into your schedule?
Well Pole Essence are the Pole Fitness instructors for you!!!
We offer lessons at one of our classes in a nearby gym! For people of any shape, size, and gender!

You can do these lessons on your own, or as part of a group! Why not invite your friends round and learn together?
Lesson plans and price are dependent on the individual session and will be discussed during an initial chat with the instructor.
And it's as easy as that. We provide the poles, the music and the knowledge!
Interested? Go to the Contact Us page and fill in a form.
One on One Lessons
If you want to learn pole and you haven'y got the confidence to learn in a group, or maybe you want to focus on your moves on your own, One to One lessons are for you.
We can arrange times to fit in with and your schedule. Lessons are 45 minutes long and £20
Contact us, and we can arrange further.
Gym Classes
Our lessons are structured to combine Warm up and Warm Down sections. We provide Fat Burning, Muscle Toning and Body Strength improvement.
Courses run in four week blocks and each lesson lasts for an hour. Each course is £60pp, with a £15 deposit being paid upon booking.
Each four week course, you will learn approximately six new moves. You will learn how to link these moves together, through floor, dance and pole work. Throughout the four weeks you will learn a routine. On the last lesson of the course you will perform this with the class, which will be filmed on a device of your choice. A great thing to be proud of.
Courses run from beginner through to advanced, and progress at a rate determined by your instructors.
Our classes our very laid back and easy going. Anyone who doesn't want to be videoed doesn't have to be. The first month you can wear normal gym wear, and we will gradually introduce wearing shorts over the weeks/courses. We do not expect you to do anything you are uncomfortable doing, and would never expect you to do something, an instructor would not do. There will be a maximum of 3 to a pole. This insures a lot of pole time and maximum safety.
Normal gym wear is recommended for the lessons. However, shorts are recommended, but we are very aware these can be off putting to wear. So, trousers which can be rolled above the knee are fine to wear.
Individual Group Session
We offer one off group classes for either taster sessions or for improvement sessions.
At Taster evenings, you will see what you can learn and then instructors will demonstrate what you can achieve if you carry on with the courses, you will get the opportunity to ask instructors any questions, as well as having a chance of learning a few moves and small combination on the pole. This is an excellent way to find out if Pole Fitness is for you, all for just £5

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